Kia Picanto - 5 People, 1 Big Bags, 2 Small Bags, A/C, Manual or Automatic

Discover the new all in small, sporty and stylish Kia Picanto.

The best car for hire in Paphos, Cyprus. Cheap, economy and efficient car. Ideal for short and long road trips all over Cyprus.

The most mature car for hire in its class. Great ride, running costs and style especially around Paphos, Cyprus.


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Suzuki Swift - 5 People, 1 Big Bag, 2 Small Bag,  A/C, Manual

The Suzuki Swift is a subcompact car produced by Suzuki since 2000. Prior to this, the "Swift" nameplate had been applied to the Suzuki Cultus in numerous export markets.

The Suzuki Swift has won more than 60 Awards including car of the year awards since its introduction as a global model.

Takes up to five adults with limited luggage space.


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Nissan Micra - 5 People, 1 Big Bag, 2 Small Bag,  A/C, Manual

This is a good little car for the money that has been superbly banged together. The steering is well enough weighted still, but there’s body roll aplenty thanks to soft suspension and that tall roofline.

The Micra’s cabin is very well made, as you’d expect from Nissan, with solid materials reassuringly finished to create the impression of a car far more expensive than it actually is.


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Mazda Demio - 5 People, 1 Big Bag, 2 Small Bag,  A/C, Manual

It’s a lightweight supermini with dramatic styling, a sharp drive and attractive prices and running costs.

The Mazda Demio is an excellent car. It's a mini car manufactured and marketed globally by Mazda since 1996, currently in its fourth generation. The Demio is marketed prominently as the Mazda2 and under previous nameplates includingMazda121, Mazda Metro and Ford Festiva Mini Wagon. The third generation Demio earned the 2008 World car of the Year title, while the fourth generation was awarded the 2014–2015 "Japanese Car of the Year".

The little Demio feels quick when you get up in the rev range, and Mazdas in general are always a joy to steer. Nice and tight, quick ratio, and a good amount of feedback -- there are cars at twice the price that can't say the same.


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Chevrolet Spark. 4 People, A/C, Manual, 1 Big Bag, 1 Small Bag

Innovative Design
The Chevrolet Spark design conveys a sense of motion from front to back, with dramatic, crisp lines, and aggressive front fascia, large elliptical-shaped headlamps, clean body sides free of cladding and a standard lip spoiler. Hidden rear door handles give the illusion of a stylish two-door vehicle but with the functionality of four-doors.

Fuel Economy
The Chevrolet Spark is powered by a four-cylinder petrol engine delivering exceptional fuel economy (5.4l / 100km) and class leading power of 60kW.


Structural enhancements, along with active and passive safety systems will ensure Spark is one of the safest vehicles in the small car segment. With driver and front passenger airbags and side impact protection bars standard, the Chevrolet Spark ensures all occupants are well protected during impact.


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Ford Fiesta - 5 People, 2 Big Bags, 1 Small Bag, A/C, Manual

Fiesta is a vivid expression of all that is inspirational in design today. If you've ever marvelled at ground-breaking architecture, been excited by haute couture or been moved by art – this car will provoke a strong sense of déjà vu.

Today's design icons have influenced every line and detail, from Fiesta's sculpted, dynamic exterior to its sophisticated interior. And the technology in the cabin is as innovative as the most advanced electronics around today.

Fiesta's stylish looks are also complemented by the smart thinking of Ford ECOnetic Technology which delivers greater fuel economy and lowers CO2 emissions without sacrificing performance.

Group C


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Honda Jazz - 5 People, 3 Big Bags, A/C, Manual or Automatic

Just get behind the wheel and you'll understand why it's been acclaimed as one of the world's best-designed small cars. It's a car you'll feel good driving, and one that makes it easy to bring family, friends and all your stuff along.

Jazz doesn't just stand out from the crowd. This ingeniously designed small car helps drivers and passengers fit right in, and takes them on the ride of their life. Plus, Jazz has just the right combination of aerodynamic balance and refinement.

Part sprinter, part marathoner and part gymnast, the Honda Jazz is as easy to drive on the open road as it is in a car park. That's made it a very popular car, with dozens of awards worldwide. Good on Jazz – and you!

Jazz helps make for a cleaner, greener world with Euro 4 compliant emissions, advanced technology for cleaner exhausts, and heaps of recyclable parts. Plus, Jazz's aerodynamic shape, innovative engine design and light, high-tensile steel make it an incredibly efficient machine.

Groups C & D


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Mitsubishi Colt - 5 People, 2 Big Bags, 1 Small Bag, A/C, Manual

As well as its striking exterior and strong performance, Colt also has a practical side. It has one of the most spacious interiors in the segment, making it as comfortable and safe to be in as it is great to look at and drive.

Steering wheel mounted buttons allow you to control the stereo system by just lifting a finger letting you keep your eyes on the road at all times.

The Colt's engine power and flexibility will mean that journeys, long or short, never feel like hard work. The smooth handling of Colt makes corners a pleasure, whether on urban streets or your favourite open road. Complementing the punchy engines and cornering abilities are strong brakes that you can always have confidence in.

Its spacious, flexible interior provides comfort you would expect from you vehicle that needs a much bigger parking spot. Up to five adults will find all the headroom and legroom they need to enjoy a comfortable ride. You will also find plenty of clever storage spaces for your valuables, sunglasses, drinks bottles or cans, and all those items there never seem to be places for.

Colt is built around a strong, stiff RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body and is fully equipped to look after you and all your passengers.

Group D


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Mitsubishi Lancer - 5 People, 2 Big Bags, 2 Small Bags, A/C, Manual

A Mitsubishi Lancer, whose stunning looks are only exceeded by the fabulous driving experience it offers. Inspired by years of unbroken success, Lancer has been designed to thrive in the most demanding environment of all: the real world outside your door.

Lancer is comfortable and spacious and provided with an outstanding level of standard equipment.

The Lancer is built around an all-new and ultra-rigid body with sophisticated 4-wheel independent suspension. A flat front sub-frame that resists bending and brand new multi-link rear suspension guarantee great handling with no compromise in ride comfort, keeping the Lancer glued to the road and the smile glued to your face.

The Mitsubishi Motors safety philosophy is to design its cars to help keep out of trouble whatever the conditions and then, if anything should happen, offer you and your family the maximum possible protection.

Group D


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Nissan Note - 4 People, 3 Big Bags, A/C, Manual

Disregarding convention, the NISSAN NOTE is the compact car designed to inspire and excite adventure. Stylish and bold with generous storage options and friendly technology, the NOTE is a welcome addition to your family.

The NOTE also gives So Much Extra with its friendly features too. Say hello to Climate Control and Air Conditioning, a CD player, Bluetooth® technology and Intelligent Key and if that wasn't enough, there are more incredible features to discover via the interior and exterior tabs.

Group D



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Suzuki Jimny - 4 People, 3 Small Bags, A/C, Manual, 4x4

Wherever you drive the Jimny, you'll feel comfortable and totally in control. The cockpit is designed based on advanced ergonomic studies that helped determine the most natural placement and shape of components. For example, the stress-free driving position keeps you feeling fresh on long journeys, the steering wheel is positioned just right, and the large cockpit meters are clustered together to convey vital information at a glance.

The Jimny is as comfortable and functional as a family sedan. Its space-efficient layout seats four adult passengers in comfort. Headroom is more than ample, and Suzuki carved out extra inches for feet, knees and elbows, so there's plenty of room to stretch.

The Jimny's aluminum G13BB engine is notable for its quick response and high fuel efficiency. Water-cooled, with four in-line cylinders and electronic multi point injection, it accelerates effortlessly and generates torque in abundance. Power is transferred to the smooth-shifting 5-speed manual transmission by way of a specially designed chain that minimizes friction, noise and power loss.

The high-performance brake system includes large diameter front disc brakes, an 8-inch vacuum servo, and a Load Sensing Proportioning Valve that helps prevent premature locking of the rear wheels during sudden braking and improves braking performance when the vehicle is fully loaded.

Comprehensive safety measures include a rigid body and frame that were refined through computer analysis to absorb the force of frontal impact and spread it away from the passengers. Side door beams are also incorporated to help preserve cabin integrity. All seats are equipped with 3-point ELR seatbelts.

Group E

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Honda HRV - 5 People, 4 Big Bags, A/C, Manual, 4x4

HONDA HRV - a unique combination of comfort, style and durability
The stylish, sporty good looks of the HR-V are in a class of their own. The HR-V engine and Honda's Real Time four-wheel drive dual pump system guarantee to provide performance advantages in both city and rural driving.

The vehicle has fresh styling with its two-tone design and distinctive interior; the HR-V's cockpit boasts of a coupe-style layout that allows a panoramic view while being settled into the body-contoured driver's seat through city drives and country excursions.

Passengers are also treated with a superior interior from the HR-V with its improved legroom. Cargo space can also be extended with the fifty-fifty split rear seats that can be folded for a full flat floor.

Innovative in style and features, the HR-V has a world-class front crash structure, incorporating Honda's pedestrian safety technologies to minimize injuries to pedestrians in an accident. The hood and front fenders have been designed to absorb the impact of a pedestrian body, while the windscreen wipers are mounted on a breakaway slide.

Extra reinforcements have been made to the side sills and joint sections of the rear frame to enhance body rigidity as added safety feature. Dual SRS airbags are standard in the HR-V as well as pinch-free power windows, mirrors and remote central locking.

The HR-V is amazingly fuel-efficient and it's officially an LEV (Low Emissions Vehicle).

The seats are firm and although you sit high up in the vehicle you never get the feeling you are about to tip over. The dash dials have a blue background with red highlights and are very readable, particularly at night.

There are two glove boxes despite the dual airbags, and clever netted door bins, and the 50/50 split fold rear seat does allow three full-sized golf bags.

Group G1


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Daihatsu Terios. 5 People, A/C, Manual or Automatic, 4x4, 4 Big Bags

DAIHATSU TERIOS – Fits drivers with different heights and physiques
Out in nature or in the heart of the city. Terios fits perfectly no matter where you go. This versatile SUV packs a potent engine, solid suspension and generous interior and luggage compartment into a small, stylish package. You get the kind of performance that promises good times in the great outdoors.

The thick instrument panel and its clean design suggest the power of an SUV. Cool metallic parts adorn the technical-looking centre cluster and other interior parts. The cabin interior expresses uniformity, a high-quality feel and individuality with an excellent balance.
The specially-tuned DVVT engine has more than enough power to deliver a spirited, satisfying ride for the TERIOS.

With maximum output of 77/6000 (kW/rpm) and maximum torque of 140/4400 (Nm/rpm) you can experience a smooth and exciting ride whether you are cruising, travelling off-road or in the city. The engine is also highly efficient at 7.9L/100km (5MT, EU combined mode).


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