Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Lancer


   4 Door

   5 Passengers

   2 Large. 2 Small

   Air condition


A Mitsubishi Lancer, whose stunning looks are only exceeded by the fabulous driving experience it offers. Inspired by years of unbroken success, Lancer has been designed to thrive in the most demanding environment of all: the real world outside your door.

Lancer is comfortable and spacious and provided with an outstanding level of standard equipment.

The Lancer is built around an all-new and ultra-rigid body with sophisticated 4-wheel independent suspension. A flat front sub-frame that resists bending and brand new multi-link rear suspension guarantee great handling with no compromise in ride comfort, keeping the Lancer glued to the road and the smile glued to your face.

The Mitsubishi Motors safety philosophy is to design its cars to help keep out of trouble whatever the conditions and then, if anything should happen, offer you and your family the maximum possible protection.