Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Rental
1. Our website does not show availability. It will only show you the selection of models in our fleet. A submitted reservation request is not a confirmed booking. Please wait for confirmation from Paforentals whilst we process your request.
2. We will reply to your reservation request, asking some additional details such us flight number etc, and also we will send a payment link for small amount of 49Euro to secure your booking.
3. Please pay close attention to luggage space capacity when booking your vehicle. If standard size luggage becomes large then you may reconsider and use passenger seating!
4. The renter undertakes to treat the vehicle appropriately, with due care and attention, to observe all the regulations, technical rules which apply to its use and to properly secure the vehicle.
5. In case of a breakdown or an accident/incident or for troubleshooting mechanical problems please notify our offices on either landlines (+357) 26 947 058, 26 961 555 or mobile (+357) 99 494 625 or (+357) 99 88 33 70. Do not move the vehicle until you are authorized to do so.

Reservations, deposits
1. Reservations are binding only for price-groups, not for vehicle makes or models. If the renter has not collected the vehicle in the agreed due time, there shall no longer be a binding reservation.
2. A booking may be cancelled before the rental begins. In the event of cancellation, the payment in advance (known as the deposit) already made towards the rental shall not be paid back. In the event that the booked vehicle is not collected or not collected at the agreed period of time the rental charge already paid shall be withheld in full.
3. The security deposit is standard with all the car rental companies in Cyprus which safeguard the car hire company for any additional costs that may arise during the car rental period. The security deposit can be settled either by cash or bank card (credit or debit) and only in € currency. The amount of security deposit depends on the car group selected. The security deposit will be fully refunded on car return, provided that the car will be returned in the same conditions as given on delivery.
4. Paforentals has the sole right to refuse the handover of a booked vehicle, should there be any offensive behaviour at the time and place of delivery from the renter.

Documents to be produced when collecting the vehicle, authorized drivers, insurance.
1. When the vehicle is handed over, the renter must produce a domestically valid driving licence necessary for driving the vehicle, passport or identidy card and a valid means of payment. Furthermore, restrictions regarding age (drivers under the age of 26 or above 69) and/or length of time for which a driving licence must have been held will apply.

Rental charge
1. The rental charge comprises basic rental charge, charges for extra services and any location surcharges. The charges for extra services are particularly one-way charges, the costs of filling the vehicle and of fuel, service charges, accessories/extras such as e.g. child seat, navigation system etc., delivery and collection costs.
2. For deliveries and collections, the delivery and collection charges agreed for this shall be charged plus the cost of filling the vehicle and of fuel in accordance with the price list applicable at the time of rental.
3. An extra charge for deliveries and collections is charged for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days rentals or when the collection/delivery is outside Pafos area limit (e.g. Limassol, Latsi, Larnaca, Larnaca Airport, etc) and/or when the collection/delivery is out of office hours.

Due date, payment terms, security (deposit)
1. The rental charge must, as a matter of company policy, be paid in full for the agreed rental period, i.e. if the vehicle is collected late or returned early there shall be no refund. The rental charge shall be due at the beginning of the rental period.
2. If the renter is in default of payment of the rental fee the lessor shall, even without prior warning, be entitled to terminate the lease agreement without notice.

1. Our insurance holds a NO EXCESS in case of the accident not being renter’s fault.
2. Please be aware if an accident is caused due to your negligence i.e. your fault, you are responsible to pay the small written liability amount depending on the driver’s age.
3. The excess to be paid by the renter, per claim, shall be determined by the rental contract.
4. The insurance will become null and void if car is driven in rough terrain conditions, on unmade roads and off-road (non asphalted areas).
5. The rental vehicles are not allowed to be taken to the northern occupied areas of Cyprus. If taken to the north, insurance cover is null and void.
6. The vehicle may be driven and used only by the drivers named in the rental contract. If the vehicle is driven by persons other than the above-named persons all insurances become null and void.
7. The vehicle may be used only on public roads, must not be insured for driving school practice. The vehicle may not be used
•    for motor sport purposes, in particular driving events where the important thing is to achieve maximum speeds, or for any associated practice drives,
•    for vehicle tests or for safety driving training,
•    for the commercial transportation of persons,
•    for renting to subrenters,
•    for transporting easily inflammable, toxic or other hazardous substances.
8. In case of an accident the renter would pay only the excess amount determined in the contract, providing the police and the insurance company are contacted and their report has been issued.
9. The renter is obliged to properly secure any goods carried. Any damage to the vehicle is through such is the total responsibility of the renter.
10. All insurance cover agreed as part of the rental contract lapses, in particular, if an unauthorized driver uses the vehicle, if the driver of the vehicle does not have the required driver’s licence at the time of the event giving rise to the claim.
11. Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions are valid for the driver, period, vehicle group as specified in the Rental Order.
12. Insurance will become null and void if car is driven under influence of drugs and/or alcohol or any other psychoactive substances.

Rental car fuel policy
1. All rental cars from our company are delivered with 1/2 tank of fuel. The cost of fuel is charged at the same rate as at the petrol stations on the island of Cyprus.
2. Fuel is not included in the rental quotation and must be paid in addition to hire cost upon delivery.
3. Rental car should be returned with an empty tank as there is no refund for unused fuel.
4. Renter has the option to ask for full tank instead of half tank. In that case he/she will be charged accordingly.

Accidents, theft, obligation to notify
1. After an accident, theft, fire, damage by wild animals or other damage, the renter must immediately notify the police and the insurance company, summon them and immediately notify the lessor of the damage. This applies also to minor damage and accidents, for which the driver is responsible without third parties being involved. Should the police or the insurance company refuse to record the accident, the renter must provide the lessor with evidence of this.
2. In the event of loss or damage the renter is obliged to notify the lessor in writing immediately of all the details.

Lessor’s Liability
1. The lessor does not accept any liability whatsoever for property left in the rental vehicle upon its return.
2. In any case, neither Paforentals nor its officers, directors, employees will be liable to the contracting party for any amounts nor for any actions, law suits or claims related to any direct, indirect, consequential, punitive damages (such as loss of business, loss of profit) arising out of or in connection with the rental or the use of any vehicle whether the action is based on contract or in tort. You will indemnify and hold Paforentals harmless from all claims, liabilities, damages, losses or expenses arising out of the rental and/or the use of the vehicle.

Renter’s Liability
1. In the event of damage to the vehicle, loss of the vehicle or breach of the rental contract, the renter shall be liable, in principle, in accordance with the general rules governing liability. In particular, the renter must return the vehicle together with its accessories and tools in the condition in which he took possession of it.
2. The renter shall be liable without limitation for the breaches of any statutory provisions, particularly for traffic and administrative offences, committed by them during the rental period. This also applies to breaches of statutory provisions or other regulations by the renter committed just as/at the time when the rental period ends, such as e.g. leaving a vehicle in payable parking lots without paying the appropriate charge, leaving the vehicle in no-parking zones or suchlike. The renter shall indemnify the lessor against any and all penalty and warning fines, fees and other costs, levied by the authorities or other bodies from the lessor because of any such breaches. As compensation for the lessor’s administrative costs incurred in handling enquiries put to it by the prosecution authorities or other third parties in order to investigate administrative offences, criminal offences or any nuisance committed during the rental period, the lessor shall receive from the renter a flat-rate amount of €50 (incl. VAT) for each such enquiry, unless the renter proves that the lessor incurred lower costs and/or loss; the lessor shall be at liberty to assert greater damages or loss.
3. Damage to brakes or clutch, damage caused during normal operation of the vehicle, and simple fracture damage do not constitute accident damage.
4. These provisions apply not only to the renter but also to the authorized driver, whereby, however, the contractual exemption from liability does not apply to unauthorized users of the rented vehicle.
5. In case of loss or damage of the car key, the renter remains responsible for the cost of a key replacement. Further in the case of loosing key, hirer is not entitled to any refund in terms of "lost time" from his car rental terms.
6. In case that hirer will locked key in the car, he remains responisble for cost of delivering to him a new key or opening fcar for him, and hirer is not entitled to any refunds in terms of "lost time".
7. Renter remains responsile for the cost of repair of any damage to the upholstery or interior space of the vehicle, that includes also child seats and boosters.
8. Renter is fully responisble to refuel hire car with proper fuel (unleaded or diesel), in case of any misfulling hirer remains responsible for all the cost and no insurance cover or waiver applies. 
Return of the vehicle
1. The renter is obliged to return the vehicle to the lessor at the end of the agreed rental period, at the agreed location and at the agreed time as stated in the contract.
2. In the event of any breach of the obligation to return the vehicle respectively applicable rental charges shall be charged up until the date when the vehicle is returned.
3. If the renter does not return the vehicle to the lessor after expiry of the agreed rental period, even if he is not at fault, the lessor shall be entitled to demand payment for use of the vehicle for the period exceeding the contractual term, at the rental rate shown at the company’s pricelist without any discounts.
1. The parties shall be entitled to terminate the rental contracts in accordance with the statutory provisions. The lessor may terminate the rental contracts extraordinarily for cause without notice. Such cause shall be deemed to include, in particular:
•    Considerable deterioration of renter.s financial situation
•    Dishonoured bank debits / cheques,
•    enforcement measures aimed against the renter,
•    lack of care of the vehicle or not satisfactory driving abilities,
•    improper and illegal use of the vehicle,
•    disregard of the regulations governing the use of motor vehicles for road haulage,
•    If the renter uses a rental vehicle for or in conjunction with criminal actions.
2. If the lessor terminates a rental contract, the renter shall be obliged to surrender the vehicles, together with all accessories and all vehicle keys, immediately to the lessor.
Renter’s direct debit authorization
1. The renter irrevocably authorizes the lessor to debit all car rental costs and all other claims in connection with the rental contract from the credit card presented at the time when the rental contract is concluded, from the credit card specified in the rental contract or from the credit card subsequently presented or additionally specified by the lessor.
General Provisions
1. In the event of any dispute about the interpretation of the rental contract, the Cyprus law shall apply.
2. Only undisputed claims of the renter or of an authorized driver, or claims of the renter or of an authorized driver, which have become final and absolute, may be set off against claims of the lessor.
3. All rights and obligations arising out of this Agreement enure to the benefit of and against the authorized driver.
4. If and insofar as no provision is contained in this Agreement, the regulations of the Cyprus Hire Risk Pool shall apply. This also applies to any ambiguities arising out of this Agreement.
5. Written form
6. There are no verbal side agreements. Any amendments must be made in writing.
If there is a wish to extend the hire period, at least 72 hrs notice has to be given.
1. Always drive on the left hand side of the road and adhere to speed restrictions, which are in km per hour.
2. The wearing of seat belts is mandatory in all vehicles.
1. Please park carefully and with consideration and only in designated areas. Parking fees are renter’s full responsibility. Avoid spaces behind buses, lorries or plant machinery.