Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety

When it comes to safety here at PafoRentals you and your family are the upmost priority to us!

All our vehicles are regularly serviced by our professional service team which is coordinated by our fully qualified MOT inspector.

To offer complete peace of mind all vehicles have a full health check in between each hire.

No matter how good our vehicles are anything can happen. To protect you from any unexpected situations we offer the best insurance terms.

A machine is only a machine - even the most detailed service cannot predict the unpredictable. If it happens that your car breaks down the Breakdown Service is available 24hrs and is included in your hire. You will not be let down!!

If you are travelling with children we understand that their safety is the most important. We offer you a wide range of baby seats - toddler seats, booster seats and regular child seats are available free of charge.

For the ultimate car hire experience in Cyprus you can book your vehicle. We are looking forward to hearing from you.